Architectural Photography

How do you capture the beauty of a building?

How do you give a building personality in a photograph?

How do you show the massive interplays at play with a complicated and massive structure? If a building has a certain implied essence that is only captured by the eye at certain moment and for a fleeting second, how do you go about figuring that essence out and putting it into a photograph? That is, in my eyes, the challenge of architectural photography. It is a challenge I feel we can all rise to with a little more understanding about how buildings are created and how they give meaning and artistic message across to the people who view them and interact with them.


You should talk to architects.

I live in Liverpool and the first thing I did was just check out the work of a Liverpool architects on their websites and tried to gain some insight into the process that turns a vision in an architects mind into a building. I felt that once I understood that I could actually start to view those buildings in a new light: as a piece of art rather than simply a piece of the landscape. Every building is an incredible feat of creativity and invention. Even the most seemingly brutal and plain, most conventional and in-adventurous, the most boring, the most asinine building has been created, has had vision behind it, has had life behind it.


And that is what the best pictures of buildings capture, they capture the scale and the fact that these things are man made.

They are all just little ideas from the mind of an architect, and architect who strived to create, who strived to build, who once, a long time ago, looked up at the world around them and decided they wanted to create that world.

A bold idea and a bold desire, and one you should have in mind when you embark on your artistic mission of photographic buildings.