Coming, Going, Parking, Picking Up At London City Airport

We don’t always have our camera with us when the poetry of life presents itself to us.

 As a photographer, these moments are, as I’m sure all of you will either know or can easily imagine, very frustrating.

I do try though to see these rare moments as an opportunity, I try to wring something out of them!

Recently I was stuck at London City Airport, which suddenly struck me as a very strange place. The airport is built in the docklands close to central London and was conceived as an ambitious way of giving the neglected area a new purpose. It has only a single runway and is located close to London’s financial district which means many a wealthy business person passes through its halls. I was watching the people come and go, and I wondered out to see people parking and dropping of. The London City Airport Parking is a strange situation. The cars come, and the cars go, no one ever stays for too long. Sometimes people come and they park and they fly away, just leaving their car there!

I assume they return and get the car at some later date, which is why the market for parking London City Airport is so competitive!

I watch them come, I watch them go, I see their blank faces as they partake in the miracle of human life that they have inevitably become jaded by.  I see them shout down phones, I see very few smiles. I see the teeming mass of the modern economy that is, despite all its efforts, still made of flesh and blood, still made of humans who have to pile through the veins of the global body all in their individual races, raging together as one force that none can truly conceive of. It is a magic and a pain I wish I could have captured with a camera. But, and this is my point, I still captured it with my eyes and my thoughts.

A true photographer and a true artist is always engaged and vigilant, no matter whether they have been robbed of the tools of their expression or not.