Fashion Photography

It is an interesting area, fashion photography.

Pictures here are heavily composed, heavily created, but then fashion photographers are so often trying to capture a moment of spontaneity and personalty from the model.

This is the difficulty and the battle: between the heavily  produced and planned nature of the composition of the photograph, and the demand for the model to appear natural and spontaneous.

This is the work of the fashion photographer…

Marilyn, of course…

The models have to be part of the visual and narrative composition of the piece.

It is a difficult art, it takes the compositional skills of one who captures city scenes, with the personal camera-to-subject interaction of a fine portrait photographer.

Sexualization in fashion photography has long been present and contentious.

Either through the age of the subject, as above with a young Natalie Portman, or in the trend to somewhat disembody the model by portraying only part of their form. A mere object for display, a simple part of the picture.

These photos, of course, are not true fashion photography in a way, they are not commercial photos to promote a product:

Photo courtesy of Siobbhan Malloy

Then it’s a different game, where person and narrative take a back set. They are still their though, or at least can be:

Steven Meisel

So beautiful, such composition, a wonderful photograph. Ellen-Von-Unwerth-11

It’s like a movie still that, I love it. You totally get who these two people are. What motivates them and all the rest. Great.