The World’s Your Gallery: 21st Century Photographers

The Information age brought more with it than just social networks and hackers…

One of the most exciting things about being a creative in the 21st Century is the fantastic amount of competition there is.

There was a time when owning a camera was a statement. They were expensive, bulky and unless you owned a dark room, developing could cost you a bomb. Things changed with the advent of digital cameras. Although they were expensive at first, soon they were plummeting in value and everyone from your kid sister to your Nan had one.

Of course, the likes of Boots were still making a killing in developing; despite budding photographers having more control over which photos they developed, there was still no alternative to physical prints when it came to sharing your photographs. The explosion of social networks like Myspace and Bebo, quickly followed by the juggernauts of Facebook and Instagram created a new way of sharing the digital images that were otherwise trapped on people’s cameras.

The advent of the modern smart phone, with their high-definition cameras and network access transformed the way we shared and consumed photographs. Today, everyone has a camera in their pocket, with advanced editing features built-in to create professional images and the capability to share it to a potentially worldwide audience. Any ordinary Joe can become a viral sensation over night and turn themselves into a photography icon – it just takes the right shot!

With this is mind, I’m going to be sharing some of my favourite photographers on Instagram. Some of these are well known and some are little more under-the-radar, but they’re all well worth a follow regardless:


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Will Austin lives and works in the South West of England. His arresting photos, mostly taken in 35mm, exhibit his love for the female form without fetishizing his subjects. There’s an intimate nature to his work that reflects the close relationships that he holds with the women he works with, something that’s always a pleasure to see.


Steve Winston is a Scottish photographer who has migrated to Tel Aviv. His images are chocked full of colour and vibrancy, making for a fun feed to follow. Be warned though, the intoxicating blend of sun, sea, sand is almostĀ certain to make you crave for a holiday in the sun!


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Technicolor photo-shopping, surreal props and human hands are in abundance in photographer Stephanie Gonot’s varied feed which includes eye-popping videos and a selection of other images from her variedĀ  portfolio. The LA-based maverick has worked for clients such as Vice, The New Yorker and Nike.


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Spanish born photographer and film-maker Juan Herrero lives and works from his van. In his own words he’s fascinated by ‘the conflicted existence of the human being’, what’s really important though is that his images are truly beautiful. Juan captures another side of humanity, finding new subjects and vistas wherever he travels which makes for a great Instagram feed to follow!