Welcome To Visions Of The Future

Our intentions are fairly simple, we wish to bring you beautiful photography that will make you happy.

That happiness might be reflective, it might be a deep happiness, it might be a fleeting happiness, it might creep up and attack you hours later, it might be a happiness built on old foundations, growing out of old roots, it might be a happiness you never saw coming, or one you don’t understand. It could bamboozle, it could confuse, it could change everything. Such may be the power of the visions we plan to share with you here. Such is our power.

What do we mean by ‘happiness’?

Perhaps it is more akin with joy.

We mean that these visions will connect you with your humanity, with the humanity of the world. They will breath life into you, like in all its shades and colours. This means that sometimes it will be sad, sometimes deeply melancholic, sometimes regretful and frustrating, sometimes aggressive and angry, sometimes smothering and scary, sometimes intimidating, sometimes welcoming. Sometimes they will memories of fun and joy out of you, memories of family and safety and excitement and optimism. Sometimes they will draw out your deepest darkest memories, the deep dark suppressed part of your psyche, some things you thought where best kept hidden, best kept away from you and away from the world. Things you are convinced should be kept secret, things you are convinced should be kept safe.

But they should not be kept safe and secret, bring them out, let us help you brig them out.

Bring them out and lay them on a table to be exposed and analysed, lay them bare, lay them open, lay them out.

A vision can do this, do all this and more, it can expose you and it can change you.

And that is scary, but it is what you will do and what will make us move forward, forward to the impossible.